Family groups are what we call “small groups.” They are designed to give everyone at BCM a place to belong, to be cared for, to be encouraged and strengthened in their journey with Jesus. Our desire is for everyone to find lasting community here and form real relationships.

All of our family groups meet in the BCM building at 8 pm on their respective nights.

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Wednesday Nights

Purple Family

Leaders: Sidney, Nathan, Josh, Alexis
Dorms: Whitehurst, Pritchard
Where: Prayer Room

Orange Family

Leaders: Matthew, Emily, Hannah, Chandler
Dorms: Hoge
Where: Lounge

Green Family

Leaders: Danny, Gia, Elena, Gavin
Dorms: Pearson East/West, Upper Quad North,
O'Shaughnessy, Cochrane
Where: Downstairs Classroom

Red Family

Leaders: Logan, Meredith, Rebekah, Thomas
Dorms: Slusher Wing/Tower, Hillcrest, New Hall West
Where: Library

Maroon Family

Leaders: Marc, Ian, Finley, Kira
Dorms: Harper, East/West/Main Eggleston
Where: Upstairs Classroom

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Thursday Nights

Blue Family

Leaders: Julianne, Phillip, Grace, Ethan
Dorms: Payne, Peddrew-Yates, New Residence Hall East
Where: Lounge

Gold Family

Leaders: Ethan, Ava, Sarah, Reid
Dorms: East/Main Campbell, Vawter, GLC
Where: Upstairs Classroom

Silver Family

Leaders: Isaac, Jacob, Ashley, Whitley
Dorms: East/West AJ
Where: Downstairs Classroom

Pink Family

Leaders: Tanner, Anna, Anna, Nathan
Dorms: Miles, Johnson, Newman, CID
Where: Library

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