At the heart of BCM we desire to see the next generation be trained and equipped to lead. Serving on BCM Leadership gives you the opportunity to gain ministry experience while leading a group of your peers. Our leaders are people who take great pleasure in creating space and making a way for others to experience Jesus. Below are the three different areas you can apply to serve in.

CL - Connection Leader

Connection Leaders

A small team that functions together to enhance corporate life of the BCM student body through developing and planning worship gatherings, campus outreach, and community oriented social events.

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OL - Outreach Leader

Outreach Leaders

This leader desires to create a welcoming environment for everyone, connecting new and returning students to the BCM body through 6:33 and family groups. This person is attentive and seeks to go after those on the fringes.

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DL - Discipleship Leader

Discipleship Leaders

This leader desires to develop and foster a culture of discipleship specifically within their assigned family group. This person is willing to walk alongside others, challenging them to pursue a Christ-like faith and life.

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Applications for the 2024-2025 BCM Leadership Term

All students who wish to serve as a leader at the BCM must go through an application process. This includes an online application, attending an Info Session, and an in-person interview with the BCM staff and senior committee. Applications are due no later than Tuesday, February 13, 2024.