We believe we are called to love those around us in the name of Jesus. Our goal at BCM is to mobilize and equip as many students as possible to reach the campus, community, and world. We offer a variety of trips and opportunities throughout the year, most of which occur during Virginia Tech’s academic breaks.

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Participate in student-led mission work across the states, going as far north as Boston, to the south most Louisiana and as far west as Oregon. Our mission is to serve and provide aid the communities in the name of Jesus, being witnesses of The Lord.

BCM student helping a kid with his homework

Mission Opportunities

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Partner with organizations around the state – Be an intern, a camp staffer, go on mission in Virginia or abroad with other Virginia Baptists. Programs range from 1 – 15 weeks.

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imbStudents is the student and young adult mobilization ministry of IMB, providing international mission opportunities throughout the world for individuals and teams. Programs range from 1 week – 2 years.

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